Alexis Anyfantakis (1977, Heraklion, Greece) lives and works in Amsterdam as visual artist. 

A lot of his work comes from a feeling of melancholy.  A need to connect, a need to bring close what is far away.  Like his family but also his past.  In order to fill the void, he tries to recreate these experiences and reproduce these feelings.  Reality in itself is not what's most important.  What's more desired is combining different elements and meanings and create a new reality.  Elements that at first don't seem to match but when they are put together they make sense. At least to him. Sometimes reality needs to be destroyed, then put back together again. To reproduce it , to tame it, to understand it. Because of the longing to feel, what can be sensed and touched plays a significant part in his work.  The tactile and the tangible; the ideal and the obtainable.  To bring emotions, thoughts and memories closer to the touch, the work becomes an experience. A dialogue between the senses and the the mind. This is what he looks for in his work. 

2013-2016    BA  in Art & Design, Geritt Rietveld Academy, The Netherlands
2010-2013    BA  in Documentary Photography, Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands
2003-2005   MA in Social Sciences (Research), UvA, The Nentherlands


- De Kunst10daagse (collective), 2017, Bergen, The Netherlands
- 'sprouts ♯2' (collective), SBK, 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Graduation Show (collective), Gerrit Reitveld Academy, 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Si Si Spex (collective), 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- 'LOOK' (collective), 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands








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